5 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Engagement Session

June 24, 2021

So you’ve just booked an engagement session and you’re wondering what’s next, how can I make this epic?

I’ve put together 5 things you should take into consideration when planning the session that will help you have an incredible experience and even better photos.

Let the backdrop be somewhere meaningful

When you look back at these photos where are they? Is it the place were they popped the big question? Is it somewhere that you guys visit every weekend or is it the place where you had your first date? Where your session takes place is completely up to you, so why not make it a place that means something?! I always love to travel, especially to places we haven’t been before. Alternatively though, if you need ideas for a beautiful location I can recommend plenty.

Plan around the Light

In my experience, the best times for a session are either at dusk or dawn. You may have heard of “golden hour”, at this time the light is soft, it’s flattering, there aren’t any harsh shadows or photos where you’re squinting. The light is so warm in colour and truly will put your photos in the best light. You can see some examples of these below!

Think colours for your walls

When you’re thinking of what colours to wear, try and steer away from anything too bright or fluorescent. Colours like this can actually bounce off your skin and give a not so great complexion. When you think of hanging these pictures on your walls, the bright fluorescent colours can become a little intense!

I always love blacks, whites, neutrals and pale colours. These can blend so nicely with any background and bring out the most flattering images.

Wear something that is YOU

For my sessions, you don’t need to put on your best suit and tie or your formal dress (unless you want to). I always recommend that you wear something that is comfortable, something that you can dander about in and something you find flattering. For me personally it would be a nice flowy dress, tights and some boots. My husband is a big old, dark flannel and jeans kind of guy. SHOES are a massive one. You could be walking for around an hour to get to different locations so make sure you’ve something comfortable on. If you want to bring something fancier in your bag and stick them on for a few then thats always an option too!

Embrace the Session

If you come prepared for anything to happen on your session then I can guarantee that you will both come away from it with the biggest smiles and best memories! I am not going to make you do anything that you wouldn’t normally do. I can see when a certain pose looks uncomfortable and I will change it up to something that is a lot more natural to YOU. I am big into having a laugh and a part of our process is using your humour to document you as a couple. So many of my couples have come away from their session and talked about how it was so much fun and not at all awkward as what they expected!

If you haven’t book an engagement session yet I have a really resourceful blog post and why you should book one here.

If you have read this and want to book an engagement session with me then you can contact me by hitting the button below.

I sooo look forward to getting to know you and documenting your story!!