Why you NEED a Professional Wedding Photographer at your Wedding

June 23, 2020


Now I may be coming off as being biased, but if you think about it, your wedding photographs are probably one of the most important possessions you will take away from your special day.

Wedding photos are how you will be able to look back in decades to come and see all the love, joy, and beautiful memories from what is one of the most cherished days of your life.

Ultimately guys, when all is said and done, when the vows have been said, the first kiss has been had, the confetti bombs have gone off and the dancing has been done, all you have left of your day is your memories – and these memories become faded throughout time without photographs. I love sitting down every year on our anniversary and reliving our day again by going through our album!

I have no regrets because I hired a photographer that captured every minute as it was, which gave me the ability to relive that day over and over!

If that introduction isn’t enough for you to think more about hiring a professional to capture those moments on your wedding day then I will chat a little bit below on Why you NEED a Professional Wedding Photographer at your Wedding.


I am trained to miss nothing on your day. I do this as a job, not a hobby. And with years of experience, a photographer learns more and more through each wedding. This enables me to capture your day to the highest quality.

I have incredible attention to detail, and the ability to manipulate a scenario for the best photograph. For example, I know that simply asking you to tilt your shoulders back makes for a more flattering angle, where to position you for the best light, and even what to do so you don’t have squinty eyes in photos on a sunny day. 

Simple little details like this make a HUGE difference to your photographs!


You have the assurance that you and your guests can enjoy yourselves. You know now that your family member or friend with a camera can sit down and enjoy the day and you don’t have to worry about checking in with them and constantly reminding them to, “be a guest too”.

Trust me, you having peace of mind creates a better wedding day for all. 

As well as anything else, professionals will always have a backup plan. Camera breaks? I have a second. Memory card fails? I am shooting on doubles. Takes sick before or during a wedding? I have other professionals on call. All the images didn’t save?! I have them saved on a second and third hard drive. Reassurance MATTERS. 


This might surprise you – but there is a lot more to photography than an expensive camera! 

Experience in angles and lighting matters, knowing how to use a camera to its full potential matters, and EDITING matters! 

Having your friend edit your photos with 20 different inconsistent filters won’t make a beautiful gallery. A big part of the photography of your wedding day is in the post-processing. Having a consistent edit on your photos makes your album so much more beautiful. 

This brings us on to another thing altogether – wedding albums are so important too! I am trained in designing these beautifully. I have the software and the creative ability to give you the best results on paper, and I can give you an album where the quality won’t fade for years to come.

What do you do when its been 6 months from your wedding and you still haven’t received your photos? Having no contract in place, and sometimes even no payment to your friend gives you absolutely nothing to stand on when it comes to getting the results you want. 

Honestly, when it comes to saving money on your day, skimping on your photographs is not the way to do it. 

I have heard so many people saying how they regret not getting a ‘proper photographer’ or ‘someone who’s work they loved’, and this truly breaks my heart! Why spend all that money on a day and not be able to look back and relive it in the best way?

If you have had a very generous family member or friend offer to capture your day, you don’t have to turn them down. Offer for them to be a part of your day as a guest, and snap away as they please, and invest in a professional photographer that can give you the peace of mind and the results you deserve for your big day!

If you have read this and want to know more about my services. Then you can contact me by hitting the button below.

I look sooo forward to getting to know you and documenting your story!!