3 Ways To make Your Engagement Shoot Unique To You!

June 28, 2021

When it comes to your photos it’s important to me that they represent you. I know that your story is unique to you and I want to tell that story to its fullest. Sometimes I get asked by my couples how they can do this, so I’ve shared my top 3 ways to make your engagement session unique to you!

Shoot in a meaningful place

When you look back at these photos where are they? Is it the place where they popped the big question? Is it somewhere that you guys visit every weekend, or is it the place where you had your first date? Where your session takes place is completely up to you, so why not make it a place that means something?! I always love to travel, especially to places I haven’t been before.

Showcase your Passions

Is there something you truly love to do together? Do you spend weekends hanging out in coffee shops or going down to the Mournes for a hike? Do you surf together? Love sitting round a campfire on the beach? Some ideas might also include food, going out for a drink, skateboarding, baking, music, ice skating… The list goes on, and I am seriously up for anything!Why not take some or all of your session to document this?

Bring something meaningful 

Something of meaning could literally be anything. You could bring that fancy bottle of Prosecco you got when you go engaged and pop it open on a clifftop with a romantic picnic. You could take a boat out because you love spending time on the water… Maybe even something as simple as bringing your favourite furry friend?! Whatever has been a part of your story, I want you to bring it – because when you look back at these photos you will be filled with so much joy and nostalgia and that will mean the world to you. Trust me.

I hope that you now will maybe have some ideas of how you can make your session unique to you and I cannot wait to see it and hear your story behind it!

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