4 Benefits to having an Intimate Wedding

June 23, 2021

With our government changing their minds almost everyday with the current situation going on in the world it’s hard not see constant doom and gloom when talking about weddings. I’m sure like a lot of you lately, i’ve had couples reach out and tell me how they are thinking of changing their wedding plans to something more intimate and personal so that their wedding can still go ahead with the current restrictions their country have put in place.

I have photographed weddings in the past few months that have been held at family homes as well as on the beautiful coastline of Northern Ireland and not once have I heard that bride and groom talk about how they regretted their decision. They were happily enlightened by how beautiful their day was without the venue, without the 200 odd guests and all the details and extras. Their days weren’t spoilt and in the end they were reminded of why they decided to get married in the first place. They have found someone they loved so much that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. 

Below are 4 Benefits to having an Intimate Wedding in 2021

Your Venue Can Be Anywhere

Have you always wanted to get married on the beach? Or at a castle? Or even in the backyard of your childhood home? Well with an intimate wedding you can. Where you and your person exchange vows can literally be anywhere. All you need is an officiant (which we can happily recommend a few) to make it all official. There are vendors out there (again, we can recommend a ton) that will happily bring what you envision to life!

Your Wedding Day Can Be So Much More Personal

Personal is a word I have heard a lot from couples who changed their wedding plans to suit government resections. They all loved how it was so centred to them and their person. Every aspect just poured out their personality and who they were as a couple. The day was just about them, nothing else, and their nearest and dearest were so thankful to celebrate that.

Those Who Matter, Will Be There

Just like all you wedding planners out there, myself and my husband also had to have the dreaded talk of who we could and couldn’t invite to our wedding. Our first guest list had over 200 names on it. On the second attempt we got that down to somewhere around 120. This experience brought us a bit of stress as even though it was our day, there were people we felt we needed to keep happy. In the end, those people who hugely mattered to us were top of the list and nothing was taking them off it. 100+ people attended our day and we are so thankful for each and everyone one of them but in our home we have photos up of the same 15 people who mean the absolute world to us. 

Another wonderful thing now is technology, and people being able to virtually be a part of your day. Maybe look into live streaming your ceremony, or get a wedding video made so you can show it to the loved ones who couldn’t make it.

The Wedding Price Tag Will Be Easier To Swallow

The decision to have a more intimate wedding has saved you so much money. Less people means less mouths to feed. Instead of paying thousands for a venue, you may have now have to pay nothing. You don’t have to fork out for invites, favours etc. This has now turned out to be more cost effect for you. You have a little extra money for that first home or honeymoon of your dreams!

Intimate weddings offer couples full control of their day. With less people in attendance, you don’t have to make decisions to please everyone. Wedding attire can vary; ceremonies can be religious or not; you can choose to have a table dinner or a Mexican food truck. They can still be the special day you’ve always wanted.

I know first hand how stressful weddings can get. It can be a massive event to plan, with so much going on and so many agendas to fulfil you can lose sight of why you’re doing this thing in the first place, I know I did once or twice!

This day is about your love for you and your person and the commitment you both are about take. Always remember that!

I love to get to meet new couples and hear their unique love story! 

If you’re thinking of getting married in 2021/2022 I would LOVE to hear from you. Please click the ‘Enquire Now’ button and you should have a reply from me within 24 hours.