Kris & Lizzy / Portmuck Engagement Session

May 23, 2019

Ahh Kris and Lizzy. Let me tell ya people – there was a lot of laughs during this session. Like I mean, belly aching, I had to bend over to catch a breath kind of laughs. We had soo much fun!

As well as a bit of exploring, I ended up on slipping on a rock and landing on my bum in the middle of it all so it was all downhill from there really! If you know me or you’ve had a session with us, you’ll more than likely have experienced me tripping over or walking into something!! It’s ok though, if it provides the giggles I’m happy to suck up the bruises lol.

The connection between these two is just adorable and the way they make each other laugh and bounce off each other with their jokes… I just can’t! We did cull out some funny face bloopers from this blog but their gallery was full of all the in betweens!

We would happily shoot these two any day. Also, catching the end of the light at Portmuck was goals!