Stunning Summer Wedding at Tullyveery House / Rebekah & Luke

June 27, 2022

Rebekah & Luke's Stunning Tullyveery House Summer Wedding

Where do I begin with this one?

In my pre-wedding chat with Rebekah and Luke, they explained how important their photographs were to them. They understood that after the cake has been eaten, the speeches have been given and the dancing has been all danced out – the one thing that remains from such an incredibly special day are your photographs. This is how you re-live your wedding day!

I loved everything about this day. From the details, to that dress, to the emotion and how incredibly in love they are with each other, and of corse- Rebekah’s determination to get married outside!

When we turned up to Tullyveery it was raining, as it had been all morning. We got our lovely bride inside, fluffed her dress, shaped a few photos, and we waited. We watched the weather forecast on her dad’s phone as it showed the showers were about the pass, while Luke chatted to guests and co-ordinated making Rebekah’s dream of an outdoor ceremony happen.

“I know it’s going to pass!” Her dad kept explaining to everyone. And you know what? It did! After about 30 minutes of waiting, the showers passed, the outdoor ceremony was set up and good to go, and Rebekah walked down the isle to her groom in the most beautiful surrounding of the walled courtyard garden.

It drizzled a little bit during their vows, and this didn’t phase them or their guests in the slightest! They were here. A couple of umbrellas popped up as we all witnessed an incredibly beautiful ceremony.

And that was all just the beginning of a very special day! From emotional speeches including a guest standing up and serenading the happy couple, to a first dance under the stars followed by sparklers and finishing with an incredibly emotional father daughter dance.

This day was one to remember – and they will remember it for years to come with the beautiful photographs!

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