Where To Begin When Planning Your Wedding

June 28, 2021
So You’ve Just Gotten Engaged. Amazing!! Congratulations.

This is such an exciting time for you. I remember the first few days of being engaged I literally felt like I was just floating on air… So in love and excited about our future together.

One of the first things people will ask you – have you set a date yet? Whens the big day?! Ok guys, I’m gonna be real here… this can all be a little overwhelming! So I am going to touch on some of the most important things to consider when beginning your wedding planning. When and where to start, and how to continue without having a total breakdown!

With social media and Pinterest these days, a lot of brides will already have an idea of what they want before the big question is even asked (I know I did) but my first bit of advice is this…

Step 1 – Do NOTHING. 

Yeah, I’m not joking! 

Honestly, when you first get engaged, I would suggest taking a little bit of time just the two of you to actually just take it in, and have conversations about what you both want before becoming overwhelmed by everyone else questions and inputs. Be excited about it together. Talk about your dreams, what your expectations are, maybe even make a decsion on what you will both stand firm on together before taking another step. Just enjoy that fluttery, flowy feeling!

Step 2 – Set A Date / Pick A Venue

I feel like these two go kind of hand in hand. When you’re finally ready, set your date. 

How do you even set a date? Some people will have an idea of the time of year they’d like to get married… One of my friends knew she wanted November but had no idea how to choose an actual date, so her and her fiancé sat down in a coffee shop to plan and they were given the table number ‘12’ so decided to go for the 12th November- it can literally be as simple as that!

One thing I would advise though is leaving yourself open to change with this. Your dream venue might not be available on your date, or maybe your dream photographer or band etc. Whatever or whoever you are crazy about having as part of your wedding, maybe check their availablity first! Obviously don’t absolutely set your day around something like this, whatever is meant to be for you will be! Your wedding isn’t going to be made by your venue, or how your hair looks, or how stunning your dress is. It’s going to be made by the REAL stuff. The real moments. The real connection between you both. The real love between your friends and families that are gathered around to celebrate YOU!

Step 3 – Just Enjoy The Process! 

A lot of people will have no idea how to even ‘do’ a wedding day. A lot of our couples will ask me on or during the lead up to a wedding day things like “is this how you do it?” Or “what happens now?” a common one is, “I’ve never done this before!” That is totally normal guys!!

Friends, please ask questions. If your unsure about something, ask a professional. Set up meetings with photographers, florists, make up artists etc and make sure they are the right fit for you. I LOVE meeting our couples! I also love when you ask questions. It shows me that you truly care, and it shows me where I can give you guidance wherever you need it.

Of all of these things, my most important piece of advice is this – Remember the reason you are doing it.

Wedding days will come and go, but your marriage is what’s important. Your marriage is forever. Centre the day around your personalities and your love for each other and if all else fails, come back to that!