3 Reasons You should Have An Engagement Session

June 28, 2021

One of my favourite things to do – Engagement sessions!

You just said YES!

you’re now embarking of the wonderful adventure of planning your big day. This is such a special moment in your life and an engagement session is one of many great ways to document this. 

Sometimes I have clients who don’t want to do an engagement session. I totally get it, some people are having a tough enough time preparing for their photographs being taken on their wedding day, others have family or friends that are handy with camera and can save them some money. 

I understand what it’s like planning a wedding and not having a never – ending-budget. I completely understand why this question above gets asked. I don’t expect you to understand why an engagement session can be beneficial,

it’s not your job to know this. It’s my job to educate you, so here’s 3 Reasons Why you should have an Engagement session.

To Prove You Aren’t Awkward

“We are awkward”

“We don’t photograph well”

I have heard these phrases so many times. And I get it, my husband and I were people that said this. I hadn’t had our photographs taken professionally or by someone who knew what they were doing. An engagement session is a great way to work through all the nerves and anxiety you may have built up around getting your photograph taken. Let’s face it, most of us aren’t models and I don’t expect you to know what to do. It’s my job to guide you and to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Get Comfortable 

Engagement sessions have so many benefits but one of the biggest ones is comfort. After your session you will be so much more comfortable on your wedding day when your photos are being taken. You’ve got some experience now and your much more prepared for what’s in front of you. Theres not half the amount of anxiety around it that there once was because you now know what to expect.

You and your photographer get comfortable. You can see how we work behind the camera. You can quiz us on anything and get to know us better, and on the flip side we can do the same. I will be able to see how you guys interact naturally which will help me capture you as you are as a couple.

Its all about YOU

Up to this point in yours and your partners life, you’ve probably been pretty busy. You’re planning a wedding- that’s a big pressure and can be very time consuming! An engagement session is just about you and your partner, no one else. You have no other agendas other than exploring your favourite place and letting me document that process. You guys can spend some time with one and other, be in each others company and have all the feels rushing back. The wedding planning can wait for just a few hours.

I hope that this has helped you understand why an engagement session is soooo worth it!

Engagement shoots can be booked as a one off thing or also can be purchased with your wedding package (I actually have a few that offer a free engagement session). To get in touch, click the button below.